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Why Designer use White Space and So Should You.

What is white space?

It’s the area between design elements and space between characters. However this space does not have to be a white background – it can be any colour, texture, pattern or image.




A Common Misconception

Is that this negative space is seen as a waste of space! People see it as a opportunity to put more information. However, information overload is a real thing, by using to much space for content your readers won’t know where to look! White space stops your reader from feeling bombarded and lets them breath. Using little amount of negative space on your website can make you look cluttered and fun of jargon.




White Space Helps

It can help improve the overall balance of a design and help set the tone of your brand. E.g. even noticed that a lot of luxury brand will use a lot of negative space! It can also improve visual communication and happy readers are far more likely to stay. Need some more help watch this video!




So remember leaving some breathing room between elements when you next design something! If you want to make sure you looking even more professional go read my other blog post.


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