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Three signs it’s time to hire a brand designer

It difficult when judging your social media marketing, clients work and now on top of all that your branding. So i’m here to make it a little easier for you and help you know when it’s the right to hire a brand designer.


You’re not connecting with your ideal audience


If you’re struggling to book clients through your one-person practice, it might be time to invest some money into your brand identity.


You take lots of appointments but unhappy with the types of clients you are booking.

You left your practice door wide open in the hope to, attract large amounts of clients. But in doing so, positioned yourself to be a part of the comparison game. Heavily relying on competitive pricing rather than charging on the value you provide.


The need for a brand identity is clear, your wavering in the shallow end, trying to keep options open. Therefore haven’t committed to a specific area. Branding isn’t restricting its empowering! By refining your offer and who your ideal clients are, your brand will be ten times more effective.


Be wary of designers who consider a mood board as strategy, fluff built brands doesn’t help in the long term. Choose a brand designer who is strategy- focused that will go the extra mile to understand your process and audience. Someone who is committed to setting your practice apart from the crowd!











Your practise is growing slowly


There are many extenuating circumstances as to why your practice isn’t growing. But consistency is a must for building familiarity and trust in your brand.


Introducing the Mere Exposure Effect by Robert Zajonc.


The premise is this we like things more when they’re familiar to us. I’m sure we’ve all done it when your friend plays you a new song, and you don’t like it at first. But then you hear it a few more times on the radio, and one week later, you are humming the tune…and adding it to your Spotify playlist!


So a brand identity is like the mere exposure effect. The more consistent your brand looks and feels online, the more familiar it will become to your followers, and the more they like it! With a brand designer they will help you design a brand system. This  will keep you building recognition, loyalty with your potential clients.


You’ve decided to pivot your practise


Your a coach, counsellor, or therapist, and your practice has grown and pivoted in your business journey.

Your practice may have gone through multiple variations of change due to…well a lot of things. COVID for one!

Your practice might be more open to taking video calls instead of 1:1 in-person sessions, granting you the flexibility to travel the world more.

You’ve decided to provide a new service that’s dedicated to NHS nurses in the pandemic, therefore pivoting your ideal clients or niched down.

Or you have narrowed down your expert skills to one specific area. Now your previous brand identity is confusing to new potential clients.



There are many reasons to invest in a custom-made brand, but you should always evaluate what is best for your practice.

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