Welcome exclusive clients

on boarding page

You have joined the Brand Exclusive 1:1 program!! Now, wondering what to expect? This page includes everything you need to know about working together! Feel free to download and print sections off.

access to project hub

client poRtal

Every exclusive client of mine gets access to their own portal. This will act as a hub of all our brand projects information and communication.


get started 

Download the project checklist

A simple project checklist, tick off each to do as we go.

poRtal manual

Home page

If you ever need my business information.

When I send you an email, if it hasn’t been opened it will appear here.

When I upload a form that needs filling out, a notification will appear here.

When I send you an invoice that needs paying it will notify you here.

You will be able to go back and view our project contract at any time.

Click on this block to view the full instalment plan. This payment instalment plan is always present on your home page. The bar will show you how much you have currently paid.

This is where all your incomplete forms will sit and be clickable for you to fill out. 

Projects page

The project will include appointments, invoice, contracts & all documents.

All read and unread emails are archived here.

Your general information stored here: first name, last name, email, phones. If you want to change or edit anything you can do so here. 

Here tells you which service you are booked on.

Here is an appointment scheduler, use it when you need to book a 1:1 video call with me. Just click on the appointment scheduler, it will take you to a page to select a date and time that suits you. (You will receive an email confirmation)

Any incomplete forms will also be viewable here. The first form you will receive is a Design Questionnaire (Form) you’ll be able to see a little incomplete tag.

Here is where all our projects presentations will be uploaded and available for you to view. Click the link, will take you to our shareable Dropbox folder.

Here is a link to my website brand blog so you can keep up to date with all my tips and resources.


project journey

Here is the project step by step process, so you can see the project from start to finish.


Email with portal invitation, click on portal and log in!

Log into your portal! 

Client fills out the Design Questionnaire.

Client books in your first three 60 minute 1:1 Brands Strategy Video Calls on the appointment scheduler link I sent through email and waiting in your portal. *These need to be booked in the first week, so we can hit the ground running!  

Call One: Learning about your business 

Call Two: Ideal Client

Call Three: Defining your brand 

*Calls may over run so make sure you’ve got decent amount of buffering time at the end of the call! 

Once questionnaire and Strategy Calls are complete the Strategy Section is automatically locked

Sit back and relax! I’m currently working on your Brand Strategy Presentation and your Stylescape Directions

Five to seven days.

Client receives and reads Strategy Presentation and Stylescapes Direction.

Client chooses a Design Stylescape route. 

Client fills out feedback form Or books a feedback video call with me on the scheduler. 

Client reviews updates 

 Rounds Of Revisions

Fill out Approval Form for Brand Strategy and Stylescape Design Direction.

The Direction Section is now locked and we won’t be able to make further edits to the Brand Strategy or Design Direction.

Go on have a cheeky glass of wine tonight! I’m currently working on your Brand Designs & Presentation.

Seven to ten days

Client reads through Brand Design Presentation.

Client chooses a Logo Design Option 

Client fills out feedback form Or books a feedback video call with me on the scheduler. 

Review updates

 Rounds Of Revisions

Fill out Approval Form form for Brand Designs.

The Design Section is now locked and we won’t be able to make futher edits to the Design Direction.

Get excited! I’m currently working on your Brand Style Guide & Deliverables.

Five to seven days

working together

what to expect

Our communication will be via the portal, emails, forms and zoom calls. I always achieve to reply to your emails within 24 business hours. I do include an open appointment scheduler in your portal so you can always book a call with me throughout the project.

I include three round of the revisions for the Direction and Design section. For you to voice your opinions, and I can start making these revisions with your feedback. However, once those three rounds are completed if your still not prepared to give your approval, you have the option to add more rounds of revisions at a cost. I will always keep you up to date on the number of revisions we’ve used and how many you have left.

The feedback process can be confusing. So I’ve created two feedback option that best suits you.
Option A. Feedback form
Option B. Feedback Call
I will give you this option every time I need feedback from you. It does not matter which option you previously used. You can mix and match throughout the project, depending on your availability.

If you live in another time zone, everything stays the same. However, I include some later or earlier call times, that are friendlier hours for you.

You have already paid 50% of the final quote. Your second instalment of 25% will be after the Direction section is approved. The last 25% of the quote is received once the design direction is approved. If payment not completed promptly, it will holt the process of the project and affect the original estimated completion date.

At the end of our project, I do a blog post with your brand launch. This is helpful to both of us! I can share with potential clients an inside look at my process, and feedback from a past client. And you get published on another blog! Plus exposure on my Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook accounts promoting the post. So make sure you fill out the review form at the end of the project.

pop the prosecco

Celebratory Call

At the end of every project, I host a  video call so we can chat and celebrate your brand launch together!

next steps

You will receive an email inviting you to login into your portal. If you haven’t already done so, you will have a questionnaire waiting, for you to fill out. Plus a scheduler for you to book in your first three 60 minute brand strategy calls.