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Welcome to the Tanya Jones Brand Design. Tanya Jones needed a rebrand her previous design wasn’t as elegant and polished as she would like. Plus she wanted to include a logo symbol that encompassed the phrase“eye on interiors.” By designing the logo symbol as a separate element out of the logo to include more detail. We agree to keep the circle shape as a frame and illustrated inside the “eye on interiors” through geometric lines.

We picked the Karin font it has these delicate soft curved details, noticeable on the diagonal strokes of the N’s. We paired this font with a wide width simple san serif font. To balance the length of the name Tanya jones and adding a cleaner contract from the serif font.

Tanya Brand Design

before and after

Tanya Jones Brand Design

serif font




Tanya Jones Brand Design

methods + approach

How the rebranding process looks like for you.

When I have rebrand projects, we have to decipherer if the old branding was in-depth enough to use the previous logo. Nine times out of ten clients have a logo and believe that this is the only thing needing attention or updating. At Olivia’s, we don’t let anyone walking away from here without a clearer understanding of who their brand is. A simple logo update won’t cut the mustard and or provide you with the deep enough clarity to help you in the long run.


The reason why we usually have to start from the beginning re-evaluate your brand strategy by looking at your traits, beliefs and ideal audience etc. If you haven’t got this brand information, we build it together from scratch. If this is the case, it does usually mean your pervious logo will outgrow what we discover in your brand strategy sessions. We like to make sure you leave with a logo that is functional and aligned with your business needs. Plus wants not just something to be a pretty design!

So rebranding isn’t that dissimilar to branding from scratch. It all depends on what we discover in the brand strategy evaluation process. If we have little to go on, we’ll help you build it. If you already got one we’ll help you discuss, evaluate and identify together. Doing this we can work out what needs to be revised, edited and or change to give your brand that new lease of life.

Tanya Jones Brand Design

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