Olivia small business owner
Olivia small business owner
Olivia small business owner

Small business owner

Hi, I’m Olivia Goodenough the designer, creator and maker of this space.

I understand what it’s like juggling everything as a small business owner. Wearing many different hats is the nature of the role! I’m not shy to admit that I’ve made my fair share of mistakes. It has taken me a long time to understand the different elements you need to run a business.


My main aim is to eliminate branding overwhelm through mindset shifts and proving helpful resources. I want to become the small brand mentor I wish I had when first starting my online business. I’ve learnt a lot from the last couple years and am currently working hard to put what I know into practice!


Creative Bucket List

Launch a collection of digital DESIGNS
create an effective online course
lAUNCH the brandmade podcast

a big thank you

Dedicating this to my papa and mumma g.

In the spirit of transparency living at home, has afforded me with the privilege to start my own business I will never take that for granted. My parents are definitely my most generous silent investors to date, and one day hope to re-pay them back…with interest because I’ve honestly lost track on the amounts of wine I’ve drunk from their stock! They’ve been bought me and my two older sister up with up the philosophy of always trying our best. I’m lucky to have very supportive and young at heart parents. That love to fill their home with good food, wine and laugher. 

I have my father’s eyes and my mother’s roman shaped nose… that I’m learning to love.

You'll never hear me say that's too much pasta.

design mode on

A glimpse of me at work usually zoned in glued to my Mac, developing designs for wonderful clients, with the power of a messy bun!


Get to know me through the books I read.

I read Marie Kondo a few years ago on holiday in Spain, fell in love with learning how to live more intentionally. I’m a naturally untidy person, this book helped me de-clutter and get organised. Pushed me to read more fictional type books such as Atomic Habits by James Clear, The One Thing By Gary W. Keller and Jay Papasan and Good Vibes Good Life By Vex King. I have a forever going interest and knowledge in self-growth, systems and productivity. All these books have helped me in my journey to becoming a small business owner. 

Olivia small business owner

daily routines

My furry four legged assistant.

You’ll probably find me walking with our Bernese Mountain Dog Ava through nearby country fields and muddy woods. You’ll spot me in wellie boots and thick cosy duvet coat and scarf most months of the year. Close friends and family already know as a big dog fan…and the fluffier and bigger the better! 

Favourite Drink |
Blanco Martini
Favourite Food |
Pasta + Seafood
Favourite tv show |
The U.S. Office + Friends
Favourite artists |
Florence & The Machine + FKJ
Favourite Hot drink |
Olivia small business owner

morning routine

My sunrise yoga mornings

That is not me in the picture! I’ve only just started my yoga journey. I did do ballet for fifteen years about seven years ago. When I knew we were going into a third lockdown I wanted to use my time more wisely than the last. I wanted to build a long-term healthy habit of exercising regularly. Like so many of us, we spend the majority of our time sitting at a desk. Yoga was the perfect fit too strength, tone and become more flexible. Whilst reconnecting the body and the mind being mindful on how we carry ourselves throughout the day.


Instead of rolling out my bed and immediately sliding into a desk chair, as small business owners we can forget to put ourselves first. That why now I start my day at 6:50 and give myself 10 minutes to wake up with the lamp on and under a blanket. I do my yoga with Adriene on Youtube and would highly recommend her. I like to do yoga before it’s light outside, so I’m waking up as the sun is slowly rising and a new day is beginning.

Currently Reading |
Harry Potter + The Prisoner of Azkaban
Currently Watching |
The Durrells
Recently Discovered |
I'm a INFJ personality type
I use to be |
A big Sims Fan
I am still |
A big planner + list maker

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