there’s no such thing as a overnight success

It’s taken me a good 3 years to figure it out, but I know what I’m doing now!

I understand what it’s like juggling everything as a small business owner. Not enough hands and one too many hats to wear is the nature of the role! I’m not shy to admit that I’ve made my fair share of mistakes in business – spending too much time consuming others business content instead of making my own. A marketing plan that consisted of one silly short lived Instagram post everyday. Plus enabling my inner perfectionist have her way and waste my time by re-designing my own brand a million and one times…just a few mistakes I have made.

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the youngest of the goodenough’s

Get to know me through some rambling anecdotes.

I live on the outskirt of London with my parents and two older sisters…the youngest of the clan. In the cold winter months you’ll spot me in a duvet coat and wellie warmers, trudging through thick mud with Ava our Bernese mountain dog, and my mum! If you do catch me on a hot day in England I’ll be the person smothered in factor 50 on a lounger in the sun hold a book in one hand and a sweet martini in the other.


So… I’ll be honest I‘ve only recently rekindled my love for exercise. I now do yoga mid week every morning and a booty workout three times mid week…the weekend are for relaxing! I actually boycotted exercise after quitting ballet at 20 around Uni time. And my secondary school PE lessons scared me. It reinforced a false belief that well unless it was dancing I was terrible at all other sporty activities. I had friends that go to the gym, but the sheer thought of walking into gym would give me cold sweats…and not the good kind! Working from home is far more motivating for me plus finding something you enjoy without it feeling like working out really is the key.

personal and business books

Books I would re-read
& recommend for your small business.

The Brand Gap

by marty neumeier

Building A Story Brand

by donald miller

Build A Brand In 30 Days

by Simon Middleton

Atomic Habits

by James clear

12 Weeks A Year

by Moran, Brian P., Lennington, Michael

The One Thing

by Gary Keller & Jay Papasan


tv shows, movies and…did some say snacks?

What my netflix account
says about me

I’m a regular sitcom fan  Friends, The U.S Office, Girlmore Girls,  How I Met Your Mother and Brooklyn 99… you name it I’ve probably watched it…and then some! I’m also a big fan of sci-fi and action movie, with a big guilty pleasure for animated movies.


And what the point in watching a movie without snacks? I’ll be the person  you can hear eating popcorn and trust me when I tell you someone

actually has to stop me from eating a group bag!  

i do squats so i’ll never have to give up carbs

My first love is and always will be pasta...still reminiscing about my spaghetti vongole in Florence.