Anatomy of design

“The Modern Therapy Studio” was built to help people through their professional and personal lives. To help them feel connected and aligned, through a process of self-discovery by looking at their limiting beliefs, mindset, lifestyle, values and goals plus opportunities you wish to have in the future.

The brand visual aesthetic stemmed from the traits modern and the concept of self-discovery. After competitive research, we position the brand away from a soft approach. To be more mature, clean and bold plus being completely gender-neutral.


I considered many names after careful evaluation we landed on Rise. The phrase fall and rise goes hand in hand and inevitably happens throughout our lives.  But sometimes we need help to rise again. The word Rise itself gives the idea of growing, moving up, I even picture a puff pastry raising in an oven, all very positive associations, not too quirky and an easy brand name to remember a perfect fit for a therapy brand. 

logo symbol

The Rise logomark was inspired by a sunrise, to symbolise new beginnings. Plus the opening of a door to represent discoveries and opportunities.

Brand Gallery

Building objectively + authentically

How we use strategy to direct your brands visuals.

Before we even think or touch on visuals, I help you form a brand strategy. A strategy acts as the bible for your brand. It includes who your brand is within behaviours, traits and beliefs and importantly identifying who your ideal audience is. All this information is significant and acts like the symptoms of selecting the right perception! We use it to help us objectively build a visual style that reinforces everything included within the strategy. The design elements will act as a visual language. It has the power to evoke emotion and subconsciously shape peoples perception. We spend a long time perfecting your visuals to work hard for you!

It’s important to discern if you’re being objective or letting your subjective opinion control the outcome. As a Designer, I aim to produce a functional brand. However, it’s also my responsibility to produce outcome that you will cherish and are proud to show off.

I believe if a client isn’t comfortable or head over heels with their brand then however functional is it doesn’t matter. As a small business owner, we are our brand energy we must feel confident in our brand skin for it to shine bright! 

an investment is a choice.

Ready to invest?! Let's build your brand identity together.