I selected a news story from “The San Francisco Globe” including a short story create by Jubilee Projects. The video shows an ordinarily couple day to day life. The wife is on her daily commute and gets diagnosed with FCED, a disease that slowly takes away your vision. My intention was to make a publication that presents the stages of each symptom through the use of single word text. I wanted to show the growth of and gradual deterioration of the disease taking over your vision with Typography. This would all contribute to raise awareness of Fuchs Corneal Endothelia Dystrophy.
I used the exact words form the video and just experimented freely with overlaying the words on a page. Changing small elements E.g. contrast of fonts, opacity levels, size and kerning. I experimented with sampling different colours and textures of paper.
I knew I needed to find my own response with coming up with my own words to gain a more personal response of the story. 
I found it very difficult to actually make a response to the video. I played around with various ideas, like a series of diary entries or a poem. 
The poem came the most natural way to create a third person point of view. At the beginning of writing this poem I was writing it as if I was watching the couple from afar 
However I like the idea it was written in point of view from of the husbands, however this only understood once you read the loyal and selfless acts the husband does at the end of the poem. 
Experimenting with different paper opacitiy and texture
I played around with different shapes of the diseased images, I then continued to do this on other letters to spell out Fuchs. As I manipulated eat letter I would use a bigger area of the diseased to eventually cover the whole letter. 
Photoshop and In-Design felt the best format and process to create this on. 
I knew I wanted the book to start of by showing normal sight e.g. 20 20 vision
I created this O and decided it would be perfect foundation to build onto for all the other pages. 
I could use the previous image of the disease eating its way over the letter O which represent both the eye and 20 20 vision. This will be a very simple way of showing the disease gradually taking over. 
I started building onto of the O and adding keywords over the top to explain the feeling and symptoms of the disease. 
After making each stage I realises the font I had choose really wasn’t right, it looked more “Devil Wears Prada” then eye disease so I decided to look up some font that would be better suited for my designs. 
I started layering different text over it and playing around with how lay it out. 
I started to colour the disease part of the O in red I link this with one word showing a connection of the disease and the words with the colour of red raises a sense of danger. 
Firstly I was using a font called century schoolbook regular I used this for the poem however it looked to nice and pretty for what I was communicating now. 
I research into fonts and found out that Rockwell was a very common font used for eye tests so I believed this would be the prefect font to use.
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