The MONICA Logo Suite consists of a collection of 40 layout variations. Designs have a minimal and dynamic approach. Easily customisable text to suit your small online business perfectly. 


Created by Olivia K L Goodenough 

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Anatomy of design

Welcome to the Mood Brand Design Project. The logo design was to represent the ebb and flow of a females sex drive. We discovered that the phrase Sex Therapist had a clinical and daunting sound for females seeking help. We decided to include the

statement Sex Therapist within her logo,

however not use it as her brand name.

We explored other brand names, from our discussion, we learned that most women have heard or even use the phrase “I am or not in the mood.” We grew founder of the single word mood for her brand name. Due to its subtle cues and encompasses all positive and negative emotions.  The name mood is short and easy to remember and soft to say and hear.   We moved onto the visual look of the word, it already has a very welcoming presence, with the repetition of the two O’s in the middle. We wanted to enhance the welcoming and friendly feeling by selected a rounded and smooth corner serif font.

To make the logomark more distinctive, we experimented with the characters. We decided on this calm wave effect of the imaginary baseline using negative space. This smooth wavy line is to represent the journey of a females sex drive. A female relationship with sex is frequently changing throughout our lives. This detail is a nice acknowledgement that ups and downs are perfectly routine, no one’s journey should ever be the same.

Mood Brand Design
Mood Brand Design

Ideal Audience

Mood was branded to attract women. Targeting a specific age demographic can be difficult. We recognised that females need support at all different stages in their life. The soft focus of this brand mean it’s inclusive of all ages.


We chose purple because it combines the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red. It can represent – Dignity, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic.


We chose a soft pink for its immediate feminine, romantic and tenderness qualities. We also selected a more hot pink to show more playfulness and intense love.


Green colour can mean health and nature. It was selected as a more mature colour option and to cut through the playfulness of the other two.

It all starts with a name 

How I help you with choosing a brand name.

Some clients need help in selecting the perfect brand name. I offer advice and discussions to find the perfect fit! But just like dating, it takes a few goes before you reach the right one.


We first think about your business objective now and in the future. If you have dreams of online authority and want to be a well-known personality in your field of expertise, using your actual name is an appropriate option. I realise that choosing a brand name can be very difficult for clients! So we discuss together, we might not come to an outcome within the session. I usually take this time to pick what type of name will best suit you, emotive, acronym, descriptive, invented, playful, metaphor or compound etc. Then usually after a bit of researching, and occasionally taking a step back can sometimes give you time to have an idea pop in your head when in the shower! Once we have a few ideas, we can start the evaluation process.


Firstly we research and check availability on social channels and domains etc. Plus we look in-depth at any negative connotations associated with a word that we haven’t realised. We always remember to test saying them out loud looking at it visually written and typed. We look at each name and evaluate the appropriateness against the brand strategy and traits we already identified. Plus future-proofing them with different scenarios. By this point, we’ve usually had a brand name that is an overarching contender. Plus that gut feeling can always help!

an investment is a choice.

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