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How to Niche for Coaches, Counsellors and Therapists.

I’m pro niching down but only done when it feels authentically right for you! With coaches, counsellors, and therapists, I believe you have the opportunity to niche your business twice.


Side Note: I would usually recommend for newbies to find your first niche. Then once you’ve had time and experience to explore, only then is time to niche further. The first niche is the area within your field example; Life coach, Anxiety counsellor, Sex therapist Etc.


Usually, clients will have a pretty good idea of the first niche and then forget the second niching. For example, the term life coach is more focused than just the category coach. But still too board, as it encompasses the different aspects of life that can include health, relationships, and career, etc. There’s nothing wrong with having one niche. However, I would consider these as a niche anymore more of a focus. 


You can find your niche through what your clients need help with the most and always has to excite and interest you! Here are some examples once you’ve niched down further; The Life coach focuses on improving relationships, the counsellor that focuses on health anxiety, the sex therapist that works with LBGT couples.


What a niche should and shouldn’t be


Don’t base your niche decision by choosing a mainstream movement, thinking you can monetize off the back of it. Doing this makes you your brand disingenuous. You will be competing with other practice owners who have higher enthusiasm about the niche, and it will shine through in their work! When choosing something for the sake of it, you’re less likely to gain any fulfillment or joy from it. You should enjoy what you and who you do it for so it doesn’t feel like work, right?



The niche mind-set!


When you find the perfect niche, and you get that overwhelming feeling of excitement from the pit of your gut! You’ve found it, so why is it scary to niche down? Well, with that excitement, we also start to fear the unknown. A daunting reality of not booking any clients kicks in, and we start to re-evaluate whether it’s a good idea. I’ve been their…you’re not alone!


Before you have niched down your practice, we visualise this door that is fully open to everyone who needs us. But once niche down, we start to see the same door closing till it’s just ajar, and envision all the hypothetical clients we’ll be shutting out. Yes, you will be casting a smaller net. On the flip side, you’ll also be competing with far fewer businesses, and setting yourself apart from the rest. Having a niche automatically implies to clients you are providing a premium, in-depth knowledge on one particular topic rather than having a foundational level on many!


Here’s an example:

If you were going to book your child a maths tutor would you pick?

A. Science, English and Maths Tutor Or B. Maths Tutor

The majority of us will pick B. why? Because we already think that they will be better, they have had more time to of learnt the one topic at a higher level than someone who’s juggling and dividing there time between three!

Happy niching everybody!


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