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we might be small businesses, but determined to create real impact

Don't let the world of branding intimidate you!

It’s difficult making brand decisions, specially at the beginning of starting your own business and feel a little fuzzy on what you need. Plus we all fall victim and get caught up on starting ” 100% right!” Now take sigh of relief because let’s not forget a brand is a journey, not a destination. I’m here to guide you, start putting some brand seeds in the ground, so you can start nurturing your brand today so it can start thriving tomorrow.

Customisable brand template & tool

I Can Do This

Build it yourself

When starting out we all have different size budgets, theirs no shame in that! I believe you still deserve to launch a brand that looks professional without you needing to learn good design. These templates and tools are the perfect starting point. 

Custom made brand strategy + design

Olivia's Got This

Build it with me

If you think building it yourself will put you in procrastination vile and stop you from actually launching. It’s time to bring in some expert hands, I provide a complete custom made brand identity built strategically and professionally. Created for you and only you.

jump on a video call messy buns and make up free zone

Psst! Just need an hour full of brand advice?

let’s have a helpful chat about your brand

Sometime we have questions, but what do we do when google can’t give us the answers? If you can believe it sometimes I couldn’t google my way out of a problem. So if you’re having a tricky brand related question, I’d be happy to discuss and help resolve them with you on a video call. So you can gain some much needed clarity which will keep you moving forward with your brand goals.

click & type, zero design skills needed, bold impact

Coming Soon new fonts & logo templates!

Brand Designer & Strategist

“an admirer of nostalgia and minimal design”

Welcome to Olivia’s, I wanted to create a space where solopreneurs can take a sigh of relief from this crazy world we call brand identity. Completely inclusive by providing small business owners helpful options rather than a unnecessary migraines! A creative career was always my plan. Making branding simpler and you feeling less reliant on needing a big budget to start is the mission.

you don’t know what you don’t know

Get your earbuds ready, I've got something to tell you... real soon!

Have a vision of starting and growing a small business? Haven’t got a clue about how to build a brand let alone strategically…and you’ve heard that’s important! if your unsure on all the branding ins and out’s, tired of skin reading blog posts then this is the podcast for you. Tune in whilst cleaning the house! 

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Let’s get your brand off the ground with a bang… but without it breaking the  bank. All designs are created by yours truly, new creations every month, build a stunning brand within an hour! Sign up now and receive a 10% discount code once the shop launches and brand tips once a week!