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Three things that make you look unprofessional



A common mistake is too many fonts! Go ahead and scroll through your website count how many fonts you are using…If you have more than five fonts on one page, and five is being generous. So first purge your font collection you should have a fonts system in place. Helping you form a uniformed and consistent flow.


One font used for large titles

Another font for subheadings

Easy to read font for paragraph text


One of the worse font mistakes


By using a script font for your paragraphs! If you have anything that resembles the image below, change it now. Scripts are designed for accent writing or sign off elements, not for long paragraphs of text. Your potential clients will not have the patience to decipher what you have typed. Make it simple, make legible, make it easy!











There is a time and a place for certain types of images to be used. Social media allows you to use more authentic, laidback, behind the scene images. When posting in Instagram Stories they can be of lower quality and have different filters applied from your feed. However, be extra thoughtful when choosing an image for your website. This is when a good quality professional images goes a long way!


You want to come across professional…but not boring! So make sure you have something that highlights your personality here are some examples:


Sitting on a brightly coloured sofa,

Sitting at your desk with your dog next to you

Laughing (using human faces plus smiling will increase higher conversation rate)

Your outfit


Remember us humans purchase through emotional reasons too, so if you make them feel right, the higher chance they will take action. Using low-quality images will make you look amateurish. Also, tarnish all the other elements that look great on your site.




Your messaging should be clear and precise. Make sure you can answer these three questions, who do you serve? What do you offer? And the most compelling element… why do you do it? If you have not hit at least one or two of these on the part first loaded section of your website, then you could be losing potential clients! If you need help getting clear on your messaging, here’s a strategy guide I created. Five Brand Pillars For Building a Successful Practise Handbook Signing up to my email list!


Remember! We are all busy people…that don’t have time to work for these answers. We need them handed to us as soon as possible. So we can move forward and evaluate your business further. But if we get stuck at the first hurdle, those potential leads are more likely to move on.


Another common mistake I see coaches, counselors, and therapists do is by getting wrapped up in trying to sound overly professional. By using their field terminology that a potential client wouldn’t necessarily understand! Write all your copy from the client’s perspective, don’t sell what you do, sell how you will solve their problems and issues.


Start making these changes today and see the results!


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