Anatomy of design

The logo design was to represent connection, balance and nature. However, throughout researching wellness coaches and the nature theme unsurprisingly is a common theme for this industry. With in-depth discussions over zoom, we wanted to stay away from the overused leaf or tree representation. We explored other ways to express nature. Therefore we refer nature with the brand name, Evergreen a plant that holds it’s green leaf colour all year round. This name gives a node towards a life of longevity fitting for a wellness coach.

We selected this serif typeface and wanted to inject the idea of connection. The two R’s were in perfect central alignment framing the G. Through experimentation, we mirrored the first R and added this unexpected soft connection of the two stems. It subconsciously evokes connection and harmony, as it perfectly cups the curved base of the G.

We experimented with the negative space that the R connection created. We moved the G up above the other characters by doing this adds a distinctive lift from the clean flatness that the rest of the capital letters were creating.  Providing a more eye-catching centre point and interjected more energy to the design. This small edit gives the feeling of the G rising above the other letters like a sun on the horizon.

Once the letter G was moved it made an area of white space. It looked like a gaping hole within the design, usually white space works in our favour. However, due to the thin font, this felt more like empty and cold space. Since the overall design had hit two main objectives nature and connection, we started to think about balance. At this point, the logo was symmetrical and evenly balanced. We eventually agreed on including a shape, and this dot underneath the G was what was needed. We place it slightly off to the right underneath the letter G. To slight unbalance the design and add a more dynamic feel. One of the key elements that will grab viewers attention.

Evergreen Brand Project
Evergreen Brand Project

serif font


Evergreen Brand Project


Evergreen Brand Project

feedback strategy

My process in presenting design work to you.

Once I’ve got into designing the visuals for your brand, I ask for a call to go through the designs We go on a call for me to go through the designs I created. Rather than just telling you to take my word or using confusing designer lingo. Instead, I break down the design into bitesize pieces and explain to why I designed it like such. I elaborate further when needed and always refer back to your strategy and my thought process in-depth.


I do this to give you a clear understanding of why I’ve designed it as such. Very similar to what you read on this page above. You need to understand why to judge fairly and appreciate the precision, mindfulness and subconscious cues that may have gone unnoticed.


I understand when it’s your very first time seeing your logo, it can be hard to accept that this is what it could look like, not because you dislike it. But the awareness of letting go of all the other design possibilities out there! As a perfectionist myself, I can relate to this daunting feeling, and within my design process, I take the time to experiment and explore other possible outcomes that align with the brief for you.


I understand it’s important that you have time to digest design and have the freedom to think about it for a while. I usually tell my clients to print the logo off and pin it to the wall or fridge anywhere in your home or on your desktop. There is a method to my madness, and it’s really to familiarise my clients with the design. Before sticking with your first gut conclusion, I let you have time to note down new thoughts about the design visuals that may have previously missed.

Evergreen Brand Project
Evergreen Brand Project
Evergreen Brand Project
Evergreen Brand Project

Colour Theory

For the Evergreen Brand Project, we choose colours to enhance the nature theme. We picked two tones of green. The lighter green beautifully complements the golden yellow, selected for its joyful appearance and uplifting properties. We also included this subtle green and yellow colour combination to use as a halfway/neutral tone.  All these colours together present an organic and happy warmth without needing to be overly bright! 

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