Anatomy of design

Welcome the Emma Brand Design project. The logo design was to encompass a warm elegance and calm presence. The name Emma already has a symmetrical appearance that is very pleasing to the eye. Which is formed by both the even number of characters and central mirroring of the two M’s.


We experimented with injecting personality to the typography. Done through unexpected angles and varying thicknesses to each simple letterforms.

These angles have a feel positive by echoing the same direction as a tick symbol. The eye is drawn towards the E first due to its unfamiliar arm angle. Simarilily to bookends these angles are presented on both the E and A. However you may realise the angled crossbar on the A is far less noticeable due to its slanted legs either side.

We also included smaller details, such as clipping the ends of the thinner leg on both M’s. You’ll see that these slightly slanted ends is giving the illusion that the line is tilting away on its Y-axis. This small edit is also replicated on the apex on the A. These details aren’t always noticeable straight away but together they create personality.

Emma Brand Design
Emma Brand Design

layout format

For the Emma design project we picked a central alignment for the main logo, with the tagline The business coach. This will inform the reader who Emma is and what she does quickly and efficiently.

The layout is very flexible and can be rearranged into a square format. Plus you can read Emma from the E to the right or from the E downwards.

Brand Gallery
Emma Brand Design

methods + approach

How I get the very best out of you for your brand.

Some clients find it difficult to articulate what they visual want from for their brand. It’s my responsibility to bridge the gap!


One of the reasons I go deeper than just keywords, because what elegant means to you might not mean the same to me. I’ve realised that understanding each other is essential in collaboration work. To create common ground, we discover what each keyword selected means to you and for your brand.


For Emma’s brand, we discovered that elegant meant simple delicate details with a light airiness. We also agreed that it should incorporate an effortless and luxury feel.


Sometimes even keywords are hard to pick! So I also use an observation and evaluation technique by going through different brands that already live and breath. Brands that your ideal audience would interact with and would be happy to align yourself with. We look at their individual traits and discuss what we like and dislike. By gathering all this information we gain a clearer picture of where to position the look and feel and start building your unique brand essence.

Emma Brand Design
Emma Brand Design
Emma Brand Design

Colour Theory

Emma’s coaching business was to attract small independent luxury and wellness businesses. We picked a matt black for elegances, a very light beige for its neutral flexibility and calming effects. Plus a warm grey to offer a slightly cooler alternative that compliments the golden brown, which was selected for its organic and earthy qualities. All together these colour release a sense of natural sophistication with warm organic undertones.

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