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Consultation Call

Book a Brand Consultation call with me! Sometimes we need to discuss our brand with someone besides our supportive family and friends! Someone who can help you with a problem and give great advice so you can leave knowing you’re on track!

Why do i offer this service?

Try to decide what your brand identity is all about? You’ve been Googling the same question and can’t make head or tail. Come and talk to me I have t in-depth knowledge on this subject matter, who can offer you advice and or a solution to your dilemma.

from one small business owner to another

“I found myself needing advice and guidance from someone knowledgable and trustworthy. But without feeling pressured to investing in a full project or service.” 

brand promise

I’ll listen and give you my honest advice and opinion on how you should move forward with your brand today.

principles + BEliefs

Small Business Principles that we live by at Olivia's Brand Studio.


Be mindful about content consumption.

We must not let content become a daily distraction in our workday. Free content is a great source to gain valuable information from others who have gone before us. But abuse this and it can lead to content overwhelm. A simple question to ask yourself is "Am I consuming more content than producing or working on my small business?"


Build effective systems.

A system in place can help small business owners plan time better, work more effectively and juggle more! It can take trial and error but worth it in the long-term. Here's an idea of some systems that I already have in place: An Marketing Eco System, A Content Creation Batching System, Analytic/Data Tracking System, Goal Setting and Planning System and last but not means least a Problem Solving System.


Grow a healthy mindset.

Work on growing a healthier mindset. A healthy mindset takes time to be nurtured. Limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome are real problems that you've probably heard of and or experienced. In my personal experience to growing a healthier mindset, you have to take more action rather than think your way out. Example: To feel ready, you must accomplish one task you didn't think you could do. By completing a task it will reinforce that you could and can do it. With repetition, you will build new beliefs around your own abilities.


Quieten the perfectionist inside us all.

Perfectionism co-inside with procrastination. It can put small business owners on a hamster wheel trying to continuously better what you just did. Perfectionism has a time and a place to do good. But realistically 100% perfection is never to be seen and done is far more effective and efficient. Don't let perfectionism stop you from reaching your future vision.


Have a good life-work balance.

If your suffering, your work will too. Always putting your business first can lead to burnouts and frustration. To stop, we need to be mindful and implement a balance and order. I routinely put myself first every morning for two hours before my day's work, reinforcing that my own needs are far more important. It has decreased my anxiety due to having a routine and less reactive workday or mind-set.


The importance of having Goals.

Goals are an important pillar in building a sustainable business. But general goals are as useless, as a bucket without a mope. We must have a plan of action to reach each goal. The more specific the better, by adding mini-milestones and deadlines. By refreshing and writing your goals down frequently can increase the chances of you achieving them by 42%.

Consultation Call
Consultation Call
Consultation Call
Consultation Call

Don’t get lost in the never-ending blog post rabbit hole!

A blog post is a one-way transaction, providing you with great information on a plate. But you spend a great amount of time and energy having to sieve through to find your answers and sometimes you don’t even find them.

A video call is a two-way approach, an in-depth discussion of asking and answering. So if you’re going back and forth with your brand identity and it’s stopping you from launching, or you just want some advice with you brand and how to build one. It might be time for you to consider jumping on a call with me getting the confidence you need once and for all.

brand promise

I want you to feel more confident before you begin building your brand.

leave this project feeling








one to one chat

Brand Consultancy Call

Your Investment is £50 1 hr

The same price as a haircut!

The Payment Plan

One time payment £50

easy online payment

your not alone.

How to get the most out of your one to one Brand Consultation Call.


Make sure your ready for this consultation by having a list of questions and topics you wish to discuss. Plus any visual material if you would like my opinion.

Plus send me any written brand strategy information in advance if you would like me to read through it before the call. Bring a pen and paper to take notes with a cuppa tea is always optional! I do my best to keep the hour call on track so that we shouldn’t waste any time. 

Upon your booking I will ask you to fill out a short questionnaire so that I have the basic information I need. If this is your first time booking a consultation with me and haven’t had a discovery call previously you get an extra 20 minutes free of charge!!!

I like to use these extra mins getting to know you and your business better.