Why Brand Focus Is Most Important

Nowadays it’s nearly impossible to stay focus. We are constantly being bombarded with distractions. Through the pinging of a new email, dm or phone call, sometimes even a passing thought.   External distraction are essentially interruptions. If we allow these interruptions to take control. We are allowing our attention be away from the task atContinue reading “Why Brand Focus Is Most Important”

Misleading Brand Advice Exposed.

  Trying to decide if branding is worth it? Well you’re not alone, building a brand from scratch can be tricky, specially without the right brand knowledge. Plus committing to decisions at the beginning of starting your small business can feel difficult. We all know branding is a powerful tool when created mindfully, but haveContinue reading “Misleading Brand Advice Exposed.”

Is It Time To Do a Complete Re-Brand?

  Have you ever wondered is your brand a little outdated? Should I re-brand? There’s a misconception floating around that brands stay the exact same. When in actual fact they natural evolve and grow. Even if you or your people are unaware of it.   But, what happens when you pivot numerous of times inContinue reading “Is It Time To Do a Complete Re-Brand?”

5 Easy Design Tips to Make your Brand Look More Professional

Did you know that it takes about 1/10th of a second for people to form an opinion about you. The same goes for you branding. 50 milliseconds it takes for your people to form an opinion about your website according to 8ways in 2019.   You’re branding isn’t something you should gamble with.   AtContinue reading “5 Easy Design Tips to Make your Brand Look More Professional”

How to Guide Visitors Eyes Around Your Website With a Hierarchy

Does your website feel like a never ending guessing game?   We’ve all have heard about the 15 second rule, it’s the length of time you have to keep your visitors before exiting. But when they do stay…what happens next? How do we make sure our visitors read what we want them to read? InContinue reading “How to Guide Visitors Eyes Around Your Website With a Hierarchy”

The Business-Changing Magic of a Sales System

  Who else has a business but hates selling? Yup you’re not alone majority of people start a business from a place of passion or to live a more meaningful life, but when we don’t see sales or aren’t gaining leads. We’re in a tough spot, do we walk away from our vision or learnContinue reading “The Business-Changing Magic of a Sales System”

Find Out How Your Ideal Customer Profile Will Influence Your Branding.

  If you’re an entrepreneur, solopreneur, creative, freelancer or coach, however you identify yourself. You’ve probably be told by me or someone else that you now your ideal Customer. I’m guessing you probably already got something drawn up, maybe you created when you were doing your marketing plan or sale funnels. Either way your brandContinue reading “Find Out How Your Ideal Customer Profile Will Influence Your Branding.”

Does Working Hard Really Make A Difference?!

I’ve worked hard for a long time on my small design studio, and that’s not being braggy but I’ve dedicated, time, money and a lot of energy. This year I’ve been questioning the working hard aspect. I’ve been wondering does working hard and you’ll be successful actually go hand in hand. Or are some peopleContinue reading “Does Working Hard Really Make A Difference?!”

Why Shouldn’t I Invest In a Brand Designer?

If you’re listening to this episode you are probably currently got a small business. Whether you’re a Maker and Seller, Photographer, Virtual Assistant or a Pinterest Manager this episode can help. If you’ve been in business longer than a couple months you’re probably sick and tired of the term branding or brand identity. You mightContinue reading “Why Shouldn’t I Invest In a Brand Designer?”

The Ugly Truth About Entrepreneurship

  When I say entrepreneurship what do you think of? What visual images come to mind? Are you picturing extravagant holidays, private jets and fancy cars? We are living in a time where entrepreneurship is constantly glamorised. And I want to take a moment to identify the issue and put my two cents in onContinue reading “The Ugly Truth About Entrepreneurship”