How to Build a Strong Brand Personality with Brand Archetypes

  We all feel drawn to certain brands more than others, have you ever wondered why that’s is? Brands that have a identifiable personality, can easily connect with there audience on a more deeper level. But are you find yourself struggling in knowing how to build a your brand personality to achieve this? And isn’tContinue reading “How to Build a Strong Brand Personality with Brand Archetypes”

Introducing The BrandMade Podcast

      What to Expect From The BrandMade Podcast   Introducing The BrandMade Podcast! What to expect when you tune into the BrandMade podcast, I’ll be your host every week! Obviously, you might have already guessed I’ll be talking about all things branding! Get ready to build, grow and improve your small brand toContinue reading “Introducing The BrandMade Podcast”