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Fully custom-made brand identity

Let’s get the awkward pricing bit out the way first shall we eh?


starting from

So either you just had a big sighed with relief… or fell off your Ikea chair? I just want to remind you we all have different budgets and that’s perfectly normal. I’m not here to change your mind about how much you should invest. But to simple show you the value my brand strategy & design service can offer you.

made for you.

Together we’ll design you a genuine brand identity. By building it from the inside out it will fulfil your business wants and needs and then some. A brand can increase the perceived value of a product or service, it’s probably one of the most powerful business tools still to date.

Fully-made is perfect for you if...
Your had a pro-ten design that got you off the ground. but need to level up.
Fully-made is perfect for you if...
you value elegant, minimal design that makes you stand out from the crowd
Fully-made is perfect for you if...
Not ready to spend thousands, but still want to make a good first impression

when small business owners ask me is branding important?

“A brand is everything your customers thinks, feels, says, reads, watches, imagines, suspects and even hopes about your products or services.”

... so hell yes!

By Simon Middleton

With strategy we’re essentially
creating boundaries.

Why we take strategy seriously

What does a brand look like without strategy?

You looks like a watered down versions of “so and so’s brand”?

Still confused about what your brand should stand for?

Finding it difficult to grow your own brand community?

Unsure about your brands future sustainability?

a one woman team

Nothing lost in a chain of Chinese whispers.

I’m the eyes, ears and hands on your branding project, from discovery call to completion. I want you to have the brand you deserves and to actual enjoy this process.  To provide a quality experience I never bite off more than I can chew, this does mean I only take on two clients every four to six weeks and is a first come first booked.

Designing visuals that make your ideal clients swoon.

Why we take design seriously

Wondering why brand visuals are so important?

Did you know colour can increase brand recognition by a whooping 80%.

Mix match designs can make you look a little flake… like Phoebe from friends!

Visual aesthetic can help differentiate yourself from other similar businesses.

Evoking an emotional connection with your ideal audience helps build trust.

Proud to do things differently here
Mood boards that actually
say something.
From the untrained eye a mood board looks like a bunch of Pinterest worthy images thrown on a page. When in reality it’s a collection of visuals images and design to form your brand look and feel. Everything is selected with the brief in mind, so that I can articulate why specific visuals have been chosen.
Proud to do things differently here
Why I don’t just use a questionnaire
Questionnaire are unreliable we all interpret things differently even questions! To make sure I’m getting a clear idea on what your business is all about and what you need I prefer discussions. We can can go off on tangents that we wouldn't of been discovered through a questionnaire, and has proven to be far more effective and inclusive.
Proud to do things differently here
How I get the best out of you!
I get it all of a sudden your being asked to articulate how you want your brand to look visuals...but your not a designer! Therefore it my responsibility to bridge the gap. I help you out by asking easier question and develop common ground with keywords. Because lets face it, what elegant means to me might not mean the same to you!

leave here with everything you need

So your probably thinking...
What's included?






Design Brief





Logo Design

Colour Palette

Font Selection

Brand Assets


It’s always a pleasure working with other small businesses

Olivia's Brand Promise.

I will support you through hard decisions. Help you build a brand that will work for you now, and in the future. I’ll never breeze over big decisions and will always create common ground to avoid confusion, keeping you in the loop at every stage. But let’s not forget at the end of the day, this is your brand and you need to leave here feeling proud, clear and confident and this is what I intend to do for you.

Brand strategy & design investment


starting from

fully custom made brand identity.

every brand is created 


You should be excited about who your working with. However I understand, that even a small investment can be nerve racking that’s why I offer a free discovery call.

no strings attached.


haven’t go time to fill that form out

Skip the form & book onto
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I understand sometimes we just want to talk to someone first without fill out online forms! If you’re just as sick them as I am, then feel free to book onto a discovery call today!