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You’ve rinsed every free DIY piece of brand-building content. Now it’s time to hire that designer you’ve been eyeing up to help you kick-start your online business with a 100% custom made brand strategy and design.


Although you don’t like to admit it, you’ve been neglecting your brand identity, and cracks are now starting to show. Your brand personality needs a new lease of life again, so your business can keep growing strong.

principles + BEliefs

Brand Strategy and Design Principles that we live by at Olivia's.


A brand Identity Is a requirement, not a luxury.

A brand will help increases the perceived value of your offer, product and service. It’s what separates you from looking like a commodity and other similar businesses.


A brand is a journey, not a destination.

A strong brand grows over time, so I put my efforts into making a likeable brand for the people you want to attract. This inevitable takes care of the first goal.


We must differentiate ourselves authentically.

Standing out from the crowd is important. But we will not do this at the cost of compromising your brand authenticity. I use your real features and help express them effectively and uniquely.


A brand is an emotional pull within your marketing.

A brand is the long-term, emotional presences and reasoning of your business existences. Your marketing is the short terms tactics and the methods to be seen. After this, it's inevitability your brand doing the work. Your brand becomes the reason why customers want to connect, like and over time trust you. Therefore build loyal customers so they will come back to you again and again.


Building for strength and sustainability.

Strong brands aren't built overnight. An ongoing commitment to show up for your ideal audience, providing them with what they need. Don't think a brand is a get rich quick scheme. What it does do, it increases the chance of success, helps you become more memorable and grow a stronger community.


A brand is so much more than a logo.

I'm sure you've already heard this, but it needs to be said. A logo is a representation of your brand, but it’s really your brands behaviour, beliefs and actions that gives your logo the value and recognition it deserves!

let's chat first

Discovery Call - No Strings Attached.

It can be hard trusting someone with something so important. I understand that, so I believe it’s only fair to offer you a free discovery call. To allow you and me the opportunity to get to know each other and make sure we’ll make a good team together. When investing within a designer you need to feel excited with who you are working together with.

Brand strategy and Design

Brand Strategy and Design
Project Milestones

Milestone One | Getting to know your business
In my experience, taking my time at the beginning of a project to listen, learn and ask questions leads to fewer revisions and smoother the project. I like to organise video calls with a very relaxed set-up. You’ll usually see me turn up in a baggy jumper with a cuppa tea in hand! These calls are a chance from me to get to know your business and on a more personal level you. Being a solopreneur I understand that there’s a part of us in our business, I like to reflect this aspect within your brand. Topics we cover are, what is your offer, service or product, your journey so far, why did you start, life events that lead you here, likes and dislikes, pain points etc!
Milestone Two | Getting clear on what you need
Have you ever heard of The Tortoise and the Hare story? Well, I once was that excited hare so eager to start a project. That lead to hick-ups down the road. So I now channel my inner tortoise at this stage. I create clear objectives, we will both understand what we’ve discussed, things you may need, pain points that will need addressing, and what is required and expected from me. Being on the same page is overly important and usually underestimated.
Milestone Three | Build a clear brand personality
Here is when we will get clear on the true essence of your brand. I use strategy to help you see the rational process of your brand. You will gain confidence and clarity through discussing, deliberating and evaluating how your brand should come across. We will discover your ideal audience, traits, behaviours, how, what, why, the beliefs and principles your business should stand by and supporting ones. Plus insights into the tone of voice and style. Together we shall form a solid foundation of who the brand is before creating any visuals to match. At the end of this section, you’ll be able to describe your brand as if he or she was a good old friend.
Milestone Four | Designing your visual language
Now get excited because here comes the visual part! All our discussed objectives and brand strategy will act as my visual guide when designing, but feedback is important too. Attention to detail is required, and my pain in the ass perfectionism pays off! At this stage, I’ll be designing your primary, secondary and sub logo. A colour palette that will reflect your brand energy, a selection of fonts that will visually represent your tone of voice. Plus extra assets to help support the whole brand style.
Milestone Five | Recieveing the brand guidelines
Making sure you will use your brand effectively years after the investment. The brand guidelines will include the strategy of your brand personality. How to use all the visual elements I’ve designed for both online and offline use. The brand guide will help keep you consistent across multiple platforms, a time saver for you now and if you ever decide to outsource. If you start losing sight of what your brand is all about. It will be there ready to remind you who your brand is and why again and again. So never feel lost about who your brand identity is.

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one to one project

Brand Strategy and Design

Your Investment is £1,500

A four to six week commitment

The Payment Plan

Deposit £750

First Instalment £375

Final Instalment £375

easy online payment

an investment is a choice.

Make sure this is the right investment for you.

No investment, however, large or small should be rushed! I am a firm believer we should go at our own individual pace.

Stop getting distracted by what everyone else is doing in their own business. If you are still feeling confused I would love to invite you to a free discovery call honestly it’s no strings attached.

Just an opportunity to get to know one another.  Ask me any questions you may have about this service or any others I offer.

I’m always happy to have a chinwag with another fellow small business owner!

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