the do's and don't about
brand identity

The Do’s

1. do think about the type, colour and layout

2.think about the value your brand stands for

3.think about what your purpose be different to your competitors 

5.Have consistent hierarchy of fonts use a readable typeface for info

7. do look at others then do better or differently 

8. do show occasionally show your face 

9. do keep up to date with social trends and causes

10. do niche down (if you can)


The Don’ts

1. Just get a logo

2.Just think about the look of your brand

3.COPY your competitions BRAND designs 

4.use different colours randomly 

5.have over 5 fonts that you regularly use

6.use a script font for a paragraph of info

7.keep changing your look

8.look like everyone else

9.use your brand identity as mask 

10.think you brand will stop growing

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