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I’m your personal guide, helping you simplify this baffling world we call Brand Strategy and Design, for small online businesses and solopreneurs.

Brand strategist and designer for small businesses.

Making the branding world feel less intimating for solopreneurs.

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Logotype Design For Harper & Carter Small Online Business
Brand Logotype Design called Mood for a Independent Sex Therapist
Brand Logo Symbol Design called Rise for a Independent Modern Therapy Studio
Brand Logotype Design called Evergreen for a Independent Wellness Coach

The pop-up gallery helping young artists to get their work seen.

A concept logo for a Sex therapist help couple get in the mood.

The modern therapy studio that helps you find new opportunities. 

A wellness coach that can help you live a more fulfilled lifestyle.

Brand Logotype Design called Mood for a Independent Sex Therapist
Logotype Design For Harper & Carter Small Online Business
Brand Logotype Design called Evergreen for a Independent Wellness Coach
Brand Logo Symbol Design called Rise for a Independent Modern Therapy Studio

The theory of branding is complex. But your brand should be simple.

Brand strategy and design has become that roadblock in many solopreneurs journeys. We’re all guilty of skim reading a million different blog posts, grabbing the free downloadables, saving those carousels, listening to others brand stories.

But at the end of the day, you’ll inevitable keep asking the same questions have I built a strong brand? Is mine attracting the ideal person? I want to expose some unhelpful brand beliefs that are holding you back. Encourage you to begin despite your budget.

I’m proud to own this little corner of the internet to create a non-judgmental and safe space, My main aim is to eliminate branding overwhelm through mindset shifts and proving helpful resources. 

So if you have goals to becoming self-made, starting or running a small online business and or a diligent overthinker/perfectionist like me you are in the right place, welcome to the wonderful place of brand strategy and design, stay as long as you like! 

Brand strategy and design

small businesses with only good intentions

A logo is a symbol of your brand. But it's the behaviour, beliefs and daily actions, that give your brand the value and recognition it genuinely deserves.


“Hi there, I’m from a small town outside London, surrounding by green fields and the Chiltern hills.”

My story hasn’t really begun yet! Just like you I’m still growing my online business with my laptop at an Ikea desk. With ambitious aspirations to one day leave a brand legacy that I can be proud of. 

10 Questions to ask before designing your brand.

I really don’t want you to be stuck in procrastination vile any longer, so take action today! Honestly this could be a real time- saver, get clear before you start!

Brand strategy and Design

Learn to walk before you can run

How can I best help you today?

I don’t believe small business owners should go into debt to start their business. I don’t run my brand strategy or design business this way so I would never advise anyone else to. I believe we all grow at different speeds and patterns, this has become a big reason to why I wanted to provide you with free support and wave goodbye to any beliefs that are holding you back. Sometimes starting your brand is the hardest part.

it’s totally free

In true agony aunt style! Have you got a brand-related

problem you need solving?

Got a question that just can’t be googled?!

Drop your brand question here I’ll email you directly with some advice. This is a free service I provide in conjunction with my BrandMade Podcast and BrandNotes Blog. So I can help you from afar!

Responses can take up to three weeks.

BrandMade Podcast for small online businesses.

you don’t know what you don’t know

Grab your earbuds and go listen to the BrandMade Podcast.

Do you have a vision of becoming self-made and your in the midst of building a small online business your in the right place! Tune in and I’ll be your personal guide, simplifying the baffling world we call branding! If your anything like me you would greatly appreciate a time-out from skim reading millions of different blog post.

If you can relate, then please come join me here once a week, you’ll leave each episode feeling calmer rather than exhausted, motivated rather than overwhelmed. It’s up to you how you listen, but a cuppa tea in hand and sit back in a comfy chair sounds pretty good than the alternative of erratic skim-reading blogs and knuckle cramping scrolling.

All you have do is soak up and listen to my effective brand strategies, business systems, design tips and advice, which will release you from procrastination vile and take back control of your brand and time. I’m so excited to share my brand strategy and design knowledge with you all on this podcast!

refer back to all the brand notes 


I’ve made it easy for you to revisit all episodes with BrandNotes find what you need here. 


Coming soon… 

How I organise and batch my content.


How I organise and batch my content.


How I organise and batch my content.


Ready to invest?! Let's build your brand identity together.

brand strategy and design

Your ready to invest in your small brand but need someone who...

Brand strategy and Design


Who sees every project as a collaboration. Client and designer are always on the same side of the table, working together towards the same goal.


Who can explain the theory of branding and knows exactly what information to ask for to be the most effective designer for you.


Who can help you discuss, evaluate and give advice when it comes to making decisions.


Who is qualified to produce the deliverables promised.

Group Of Small Female Business Owners

get notice for all the right reasons

A brand identity helps increases the perceived value of your offer, product and service. It’s what separates you from looking like a commodity and other similar businesses.

brand strategy and design

Each project has familiar milestones, but ultimately we us a holistic and strategic approach. This enables us the room to discover different ideas and evaluate. Essentially I guide you to find clarity on what you want your brand to stand for and mean too others. Continually building from the inside out, we use this to direct how the look of your brand is designed with an intentional lens. This means at Olivia's no two brand journeys are ever the same, it is unique to you.

Brand Visual With White Logo Design For Sex Therapist


Brand Mockup Logo Design For Wellness Coach


Printed Visual of the Rise Brand Identity for the Modern Therapy studio


Focus on all the right things

Are you too focused on talking about your products, services and features? This makes it harder for your ideal audience to relate to you. We make most of our purchasing decisions within the limbic part of our brain. The part that controls feeling and trust, but not language. Through branding we can mould your business to feel more humanised, making it easier for people to relate to you, just like we already do with friends and family. We form bonds and understand each other through likes and dislikes, style, traits and beliefs this is far easier for us to comprehend, remember and relate to than facts and features. 

Trust the brand strategist and designer you invest in. With a free discovery call.

I understand all investment have an element of scariness! However, I believe you should also feel excited and confident in the designer you choose to build your brand. This is why I offer a discovery call providing you with the opportunity to talk with me, not for me to pursued you or pitch! But to have a chat and answer any questions you may have about my services.

brand consultation call

Not ready for a big investment?

I understand you may have a different budget, responsibilities and commitments than others. I don’t believe in lower my rates and or see branding in business as a luxury invest, it is a requirement and a must! This is why I wanted to provide an alternative more affordable option. I’ve just started a brand consultation call service, you can book a 1 hour call with me fill out a short questionnaire and I can help you with all your branding needs. These are effective 1:1 calls and the best part is their the same price as a haircut! 

Brand strategy and Design
Brand strategy and Design

The Digital Brand Shop Coming Soon

The Digital Shop is where you’ll find all branding elements created by me to be used by you. So your brand will look great, even if you don’t! It’s perfect for small businesses who aren’t prepared to invest, but still deserve a beautiful and professional brand. 

systems + practices

Things that have helped me within my business and daily life.

Intentional Living Style Photo

01. Dubsado

The business and client relationship system, it keeps the most confusing projects simple and organised. The best feature is the client has their very own portal! They can see how much they've paid and book a calls with me straight from my available slots in my calendar!

02. Notion

A must have project management platform I use this for both work and life. I'm currently using the free version. The flexibility this program offers means you can literally have everything in one place. The is new were I plan, organise all my content, personal projects, to-do lists notes, reminder etc.

03. Projector

My projector is one of the best present I have ever received. At first I was skeptical if i would use it but in the evening I can enjoy binging on Netflix shows without having to look at my laptop or tv screen. I can snuggle up under a blanket and have a cozy movie night feel.

04. Intentional Living

This year I've made it a priority to living more intentional to take the advice I've already heard and actually put it into action. I've started a morning routine instead of rolling out bed and straight into work. I now do 20 minutes of yoga as the sun is waking up and a new day is beginning I do too. I then have time to watch anything on youtube or listen to a podcast with my breakfast.

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