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Brand Strategy & design for small wholesome business owners.

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Made to support small business owners & their big vision.

Custom made Branding

I’m ready to have an intentional brand, everything made with me in mind. Our Custom Brand Service, is here to support you when you’ve outgrown your mix-match brand. Need to upgrade to a cohesive brand that works for you and feels like home for your people, making them never want to leave.

semi-custom branding

When you’re struggling to achieve a professional looking DIY brand design! The Semi-Custom Service, is just right if you need something like yesterday that takes your brand look to that extra level of professionalism, without breaking the piggy bank your building.

I design brands full of visual moments so your people feel something.

Why is feeling important?

Our decision-making is heavily reliant on feelings, like trust and loyalty this influences are purchasing decisions too. So If you're selling solely based on facts & figures you're missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with your people. 

If you’re doing all the hard work…you deserve a brand design thats working just as hard to help you get noticed by your people.

action speak louder than word.

“I’m not the type of person that toots their own horn. I prefer to let my 3 years of dedication, knowledge in branding and kind qualities speak for me, rather than tacky fear mongering tactics at the end of the day!”

I’m a seafood linguine lovin’ brand Strategist and Designer. Working hard to provide you Solopreneurs just like me, with more branding options rather than ultimates. Every small business deserves a brand they are proud of, budget shouldn’t hold you back.

Meet Olivia Goodenough 

Carefully Made

Logo Kits, Brand Assets Perfect for Solopreneur’s Who Need a Brand Identity like Yesterday!

Instead of telling you DIY brands don’t work, listen to The BrandMade Podcast binge on free branding tips, so they can for you!

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Hello you, I offer strategic brand identity services for Independent Female Business Owners like myself. Together, we can develop a brand that helps you attract & connects you with your people.

Olivia’s Purpose

Developing brands that see their consumers as real people, rather than nameless numbers.

Want To Know What I Value?


Brands come alive when intentionally made for real people.

An Intentional Brand is one created with In-depth Strategy with Clear Brand Values, Understanding of your Ideal People and personality. This helps position your brand within your industry and influences your brand visual language.


Every brand needs a personality. However, it can’t be as complex as a real human being. Simplified brands create stronger bonds, and reduces the risk for misunderstandings and confusion with your people. 

We believe simple brands provide small business owners better results. 


Visuals that evoke feeling are the brands we remember the most.

Experiences and feelings helps us to remember things for longer. A customised visual brand language should be both functional and able to evoke feeling for lasting effects.  

for busy solopreneurs

Now you can learn how to build and grow your brand anywhere.

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“A simple life doing what makes you happy is a good life.”

“I prefer to let my
3 years of dedication,
knowledge and
kind qualities speak
for me, rather than
tacky fear mongering

I’m a linguine loving designer and I know exactly how your feeling. Summoning the courage to show your face, sell your products & services online is scary. That’s why I find happiness in helping solopreneurs building a intentional Brand Identity. One that helps you communicate and connect you to your people without fear mongering!