The branding world is overly complicated for solopreneurs, but it doesn’t have to be. At Olivia Goodenough’s Studio we use simple solutions to form the right brand for you.

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Make handmade items Support small businesses Photograph life moments Influence with integrity

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We give form to brand identities, that did not previously exist.

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Genevieve is a brand identity project

“A simple life doing what makes you happy is a good life.”

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Now you can learn how to build and grow your brand anywhere.

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“I hated selling online, I use to feel like a pushy, sleazy sales woman. But with a genuine brand identity, I feel like me again. Now selling doesn’t feel like selling anymore, it’s as easy as chatting.”

I’m a linguine loving designer and I know exactly how your feeling. Summoning the courage to show your face, sell your products & services online is scary. That’s why I find happiness in helping solopreneurs build a Brand Identity. One that helps you communicate what you do and why other should buy it…without feeling sleazy! If you believe fear mongering is wrong, your my kind of solopreneur!